4 Stage Event Rumcajsovy mle 2014

Organizer:TJ Sportcentrum Jin

Date:16. - 17. of August 2014

Event Centre:Amphitheatre under Castle Ruins of Valeov (GPS: 5030'36.861"N, 151'30.932"E)

Programme:E1 Saturday 16. 8. Middle distance - Start = 11:00
E2 Saturday 16. 8. Sprint distance - Start = 16:00
E3 Sunday 17. 8. Middle distance - Start = 9:00
E4 Sunday 17. 8. Sprint distance - Start = 14:30

Classes:DH10N, DH10, DH12, DH14, DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21A, DH21B, DH21C, DH35, DH40, DH45, DH50, DH55, DH60, DH65, H70, H75

P Start-as-you-go Course, T training course, HDR course for children with parents marked with colour ribbons, DH10N course for children marked with colour ribbons

In case of low number of competitors some classes could be combined together.
The maximal number of competitors is limited to 50 in classes DH21A and DH21B. In case of more enrolled competitors Czech ranking system to 31/07/2014 will be taken into consideration, alternatively organizers will decide.

Entries:Using of Czech entry system ORIS:
-1st term, for a basic fees, by 15th of July
- 2nd term, for increased fee, by 10th of August
- in the event centre, for additional 50% fee, according to free spaces in individual classes.

Foreigners please use the following email address:

The maximal number of all competitors is being negotiated with representatives of the Protected Landscape Area. Information to be displayed on the event web page.

Entry Fees:                                                1st term    2nd term    1 stage
DH10N, HDR, P, T                         300,-          400,-       100,-
DH10-14, DH60 and older           400,-          500,-       120,-
Other classes                                          500,-          650,-       150,-

Payments:Bank transfer to the SC Jin bank account: FIO bank, 2100548718/2010, Variable symbol: 555xxxx, where xxxx is a number provided by the organizer.
V urgent case in cash at the registration in the event centre.

Registration:On Saturday 16/08/2014 from 8:30 in the event centre.
One hour before start of each stage(E2, E3, E4).

Terrain:Hilly terrain with many details especially series of sandstone stones, rocks and caves.

Accommodation:The organizer will provide a temporally camp site with a limited capacity of 300 people in the event centre. Potable water, showers, food courts (with home-made cakes, pasta, sausages, Chinese noodles, baked chicken, soft drinks, beer, etc.) will be provided. The camp site will be available for a Saturday night only. It will be open at 8 am on Saturday morning.
The price of CZK 100 per person will be payable at the registration office.

Due to a limited camp site capacity, we recommend the following accommodation facilities nearby;
Penzion Brada (penzion Sportcentra Jin) - negotiated price discount
Penzion Na Pohoi
Duo kemp
Chatov osada Lemberk
Autokemp Drhleny

Price giving ceremony:In the event centre after the end of stage 4. Three best competitors will be announced in every class (except class P).
Note: Three best results are to be count in into the final result.

Petr picar: 00420 602 312 211

Officials:Event director:         Petr picar
Main referee:       Miroslav Kov, R2
Course settlers:           Ivana Bochenkov (R2), Jaroslav Havlk (R2), Zdenk Kotko (R3),
                               Lenka Kazdov (R3)
Important note: The event will take place in the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise esk Rj, hence using of shoes with metal spikes is strictly forbidden. It will be checked at the start of each stage!!!

We would like to invite you to this very specific orienteering event and all the organizers from Sportcentrum Jin are looking forward to seeing you.

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