5 STAGES O VALEČOV AUGUST 12th 14th 2006


Event information


Event centre: amphitheatre near Valečov castle, Boseň u Mnichova Hraditě


Organiser: Sportcentrum Jičn


Classes: DH10N (orange stripes), DH10, DH12, DH14, DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21AB, DH35, DH40, DH45, DH50, DH55, DH60, DH65, H70


Programme: Sat 12.8. E1 short course start 10:00 interval

Sat 12.8. E2 short course start 16:00 interval

Sun 13.8. E3 short course start 9:00 interval

Sun 13.8. E4 short course start 15:00 interval

Mon 14.8. E5 shortened classic c. start 9:00 handicap

Mon 14.8. Prize-giving ceremony 13:00


Registration: amphitheatre Saturday 8:00 - 10:00


Parking: meadow next to the official parking

parking fee: car CZK 40 for all 3 days

place the parking voucher behind the windscreen

Distances: parking - centre 200 m

centre - start route marked with blue stripes

finish - centre route marked with green stripes, if not same as the centre start route

centre-start finish-centre

E1 1200 m 0 m

E2 2000 m 0 m

E3 2400 m 2000 m

E4 2600 m 2000 m

E5 1300 m 0 m

Maps: Not waterproof, plastic wrappers available 1 minute before start (A4 size, maps are bigger necessary to fold them)

Some categories dont have R squares on the map, in case of SI failure punch at the edge of the map.

E1 H35-H70 Valečov-zpad 1:5000 E 5m August 2005

other classes Valečov 1:5000 E 5m August 2005

E2 H45-H70 Valečov-zpad 1:5000 E 5m August 2005 DH10N Valečov-jih 1:5000 E 5m stav srpen 2005

other classes Valečov 1:5000 E 5m August 2005

E3 Smrkovec 1:5000 E 5m August 2006

E4 Smrkovec 1:5000 E 5m August 2006

E5 Valečov 1:5000 E 5m August 2005

Control descriptions: on paper sheets near the startlists in the centre


Start lists: in the centre


Competition process: Start - map start route marked with orange stripes, starting point marked with a flag.

Last control - finish route marked with red stripes.

Punching SportIdent system. Each competitor shall clear and check their SI card at the start area, punch the finish and have the SI card read in the finish area immediately. In case of SI failure use manual punching (into the map) and have it checked in the finish area. In case of missed point in SI card, the competitor will be disqualified.

Terrain: rocky terrain with many sandstone formations

Notice: Entering the areas with young and small trees is prohibited.

Wearing shoes with metal spikes is prohibited (except for high ankle shoes).

Smoking and firing in the forest is prohibited.

You compete on your own risk, first aid in the finnish.

Be careful when crossing the roads.


Accomodation: camp in the orchard in the centre, parking by tent not possible

competitors will get camp vouchers with their name, those will be checked by organisers

Washing: sinks with cold water in the centre drinking water


Toilets: mobile WC in the centre

emergency WC on the way to start


Refreshments: kiosks sausages, steaks, grilled chicken, hot-dogs, corn, hamburgers, beer, soft-drinks, coffee, tea, sweet pastry, rolls

Protests: Written form with CZK 200 deposit to main referee.

Jury: Jaroslav Křtěnsk, Filip Strek, Petr Uher


Course setters: E1, E2 Drobnk Michal, Drobnk Luk

E3 Kazda Ondra

E4 Kazda Jirka

E5 Koťtko Zdenda


Jaroslav Havlk Tom Kalensk

event director main referee

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